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The boundaries of the town of Harrison are the approximate shape of a figure-eight. The southern half is known as simply Harrison, or downtown, while the hamlet of Purchase is located in the northern portion of the town. West Harrison is a neighborhood south of Purchase, further west, bounded by Silver Lake, the Brae Burn Golf Course, and I-287.

West Harrison is an isolated community, lodged between a tall hill bordered by a lake, Interstate 287, a tall relatively steep hill, and a cliff at the northern edge. Because of this, there is a general lack of street entrances. There is really only one road into it, although there are a few other "back" ways into it. The road is called Lake Street, flanked on one side by Silver Lake Park, bordering the lake, and by a small business district on the other side of the street. West Harrison contains the Passidomo Veterans Memorial Park and Pool and the Leo Mintzer Center. West Harrison also contains the site of the Battle of White Plains from the Revolutionary War.

The Harrison Central School District is one of the geographically largest suburban school districts in Westchester. Harrison encompasses several micro-communities comprising a socioeconomically and culturally diverse student population. The district itself has one high school, one middle school and 4 elementary schools. The Board of Education has proudly and consistently pursued a mission of excellence and equity for all students. Parents and community members play an active role in supporting its high achieving district characterized by its superior standards and even higher aspirations. Respect for high quality education is evident by the consistent support of school budgets and an active education foundation.


Harrison Central School District: www.harrisoncsd.org
Harrison Public Library: www.harrisonpl.org

West Harrison Homes for Sale